Roofing & Siding

Roofing and siding problems lead to much larger issues down the road!

Don’t wait for a major problem to occur before dealing with any roofing or siding concerns. The building envelope – roofing and siding – is what protects your home from water infiltration. Once water is allowed to get into your interior framing, insulation, and other materials, water damage can cause huge and dangerous problems. From wood rot to dangerous mold growth – you will save money if you handle repairs now!

Our crew has repaired and replaced every style and type of roof. Their years of experience mean you will have your roofing or siding done right the first time for a lasting investment in your home.

It’s not always obvious that you need roofing and siding repairs or replacement. There are some specific issues that could be warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.

How to tell if you need roof or siding replacement:

  • You notice dampness within your home or attic.
  • You notice mold growing on ceilings, walls or floors.
  • Your heating and cooling bills have been on the rise.
  • Building materials are warping and seem to bulge outward.
  • Your siding and/or roof are deeply stained, even on dry days.
  • Certain areas of roofing or siding materials are a lighter color than other panels.
Roofing & Siding

If you notice any of these issues, contact 4 Leaf Construction and Property Maintenance for a free inspection and estimate for roofing and siding installation. We service Central & Southern Maine.