Maine Excavation & Site Prep

We Take Care of All the Dirty Work

Before your building project can start, you need the site prepared. While this may sound like simply clearing trees out of the way, we know there is a lot to proper preparation to initiate the construction plans. Site prep sets the tone and condition for all the other construction activities that will be executed on the site.

maine excavation

We can do all facets of site preparation for your project including:

  • Land & Tree Clearing
  • Roads & Access
  • Terrain Leveling, Landscaping Preparation & Yard Expansions
  • House Lots & Developments
  • Foundation, Concrete & Slab Preparation
  • Underground Utilities & Pipes
  • Septic & Sewer Installation Preparation
  • Drainage & Grading
  • All Excavating Needs

Good site preparation means all the following activities are clear and straightforward. Having the site ready means contractors knowing where to dig and where not to dig. It is  crucial because it lessens possible mistakes and delays that can lead to costly reworking.

Site Preparation and proper excavation plays a huge role in a project’s success or  failure!