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Many homeowners don’t budget for roofing and siding until a major issue arises. We can solve these issues before they get any worse!

We have repaired and replaced every kind of roof in Portland, Maine. We provide unmatched skills and experience. When you hire 4 Leaf Construction and Property Maintenance, you can be confident the repair or installation will be done right!

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How can you tell if you need siding or roof installation?

It’s not always obvious that you need roofing and siding installation on your Portland, Maine home. Consider these problems that could be signs that you should consider repairs or replacements:

  • There is dampness within your home or attic.
  • Your cooling and heating bills have been rising for months.
  • The materials are visibly warping and seem to bulge outward.
  • Your siding and roof are deeply stained, even on dry days.
  • Certain areas of the material are a lighter color than other panels.

If you notice any of these potential problems, contact us for your free inspection and quote on a roofing or siding installation.